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Alexander Theodore: What’s in the bag?

I like golf but I LOVE dance music. Actually, I love golf, too. But I am really big into electronic dance music. That is why, when I found out that Alexander Theodore liked dubstep, I got excited! Alexander is, according to his Twitter profile, a “Dubstepping Professional Ninja Golfer. PGA Tour Canada Member.” I know a lot of guys in Canada that play professionally, but have never had the pleasure of meeting Alexander. Of course, that didn’t stop me from finding out what golf clubs he has in the bag.

Alexander actually had this conversation with Dscount Tee Times on Twitter.

That is fun! Below is a photo of his golf bag.

Alexander Theodore: What's in the bag?

Author: Ricky Potts

A content specialist, freelance writer, abstract artist, wine lover, beer snob, music fanatic, avid golfer, and an all around opinionated realist. I am addicted to learning. I am also a scuba diver who loves to travel the world one country at a time.

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