Author: Keith Thompson

West Valley Golf: The Legend at Arrowhead

On Sunday I played the 18 hole course at The Legend at Arrowhead in Glendale for the first time.  The layout was pretty typical Arnold Palmer design with lots of bunkers both fairways and around the greens.  Another common trait was dogleg holes that encouraged one to bend the ball – especially to the left which set up well for my natural draw.  It entices those who think they can cut the corners and penalizes those who hit balls straight sometimes through the fairways.  This meant you had to pay attention to the depth of the fairway where your typical drives might go.

The traps were  better than most on Arizona courses with ample sand and were fun to hit out if you like to hit sand shots – I do.

The greens were interesting – usually two or three tiers to each green with a few elephants buried in them from time to time.  This required good speed control to go up and down and across humps.  The greens had recently been sanded and were a bit hard and fast, but I found them to be true.  My playing partner had gotten a tip from the pro to leave the ball below the hole on most of the greens and this proved to be good advice.  Only once do I remember going above the hole – but more lateral and was happy to chip to a flat spot above the hole and let it trickle over the edge of the tier – and into the cup.

While there was water on a number of holes, it was almost always to the right and not much of a challenge to someone who can draw away from them.  But they could easily swallow balls by your typical slicer flailing away.

All in all, a pleasant experience and a layout that would tempt me to go back, especially if the greens would soften up a bit.