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2016 The Open Preview

Royal Troon Golf ClubThe Open returns to Royal Troon Golf Club this year. In 2004 Todd Hamilton won The Open at Royal Troon beating Ernie Els in a playoff. This year… Well, there are a lot of guys that could win. After back-to-back wins, Dustin Johnson is on fire right now. Jordan Spieth is playing good, and Jason Day can’t be ignored. Continue reading “2016 The Open Preview”

“This is going to be tough”

Wait… I thought Rory was hurt. Apparently he is playing this week. Not long ago Rory tore a ligament in his left ankle playing soccer. Right?! Who else on TOUR knows how to play through pain? Oh, Tiger! Tiger commented on Rory’s injury, saying, “Obviously, this is gonna be tough.” You can say that again!

Earlier today I did see photos of Rory running around Whistling Straights Golf Course and his swing looks good. But can he win after being on the injured reserve list for so long? Maybe… I mean, he is the No. 1 player in the world! Tiger went on to say, “I blew out my knee and played for a good nine months before I had it fixed. So it can be done. Is he probably going to be in pain? Probably, yeah. Swelling is going to probably occur, but that’s why the physios are there, and I’m sure they’ll get him organized.”

Tiger has been playing through pain for quite some time… Heck, he won a major with a broken leg. But is Rory ready to defend this week with a bum ankle? Only time will tell. Who do you think will win this week?

Cole Hammer to play the U.S. Open Championship

The U.S. Open Championship is next week. Some big names will be there including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. We can also expect to see Rory there, even though he isn’t playing very good. He has missed two cuts in a row, but has a new girlfriend and is still the no. 1 player in the world. Oh, and Cole Hammer will be there.

Cole Hammer will be playing in his first U.S. Open next week at Chambers Bay Golf Course. I mean… The kid is only 15 years old. He looks much older than that, but Cole earned his way into the field this year getting through sectional qualifying in Dallas earlier this week. Hammer shot 64-68 at Northwood Club in Dallas to punch his ticket to the U.S. Open.

64? I shot 74 once… But have never sniffed at a 64. This kid is good. These guys are good. Hammer is young, but not the youngest. Hammer told The Dallas Morning News, “This means the world to me. I’ve dreamed about it my whole life. It’s going to be awesome.”

What happens if he wins? That’s a long shot… But Hammer has already verbally committed to play golf at the The University of Texas at Austin – just as Jordan Spieth did – when he gets out of high school in 2018. I graduated high school in 2002. Just saying!

It will be exciting to watch Hammer compete next week. Good luck from all of us at Discount Tee Times.

The Masters: 10 Things You Need to Know This Week

Some people think Masters week is better than Shark Week. I don’t know… Shark Week is pretty great. But so is Masters week. For most, The Masters is the official start to the golf season. Since the PGA TOUR now officially starts in September, it has been a long time since we have seen a major championship. As a matter of fact, the last major ended on August 10, 2014. So yeah… It’s time for another major! Some argue The Masters is the best major of the year. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I also love watching the other majors as well. Especially when Tiger is in the lead on Sunday! I know I know… That hasn’t happened in a long time. But he’s due.

Anyway, this blog post is not about Tiger Woods. This blog post is about The Masters. Here are 10 things you need to know this week. These are stories that are worth paying attention to, and things that will make this tournament even more memorable. Have fun this week, root for Tiger, and know it will be a fun weekend of professional golf.

10. Jordan Spieth is playing the best golf of his career and is ready to win his first major championship. In his last 3 starts Jordan has won, finished second and finished in a T2 at The Shell Houston Open. But his goal is not just to win golf tournaments, he also wants to be the no. 1 player in the world. “Right now what I’m really focused on is Rory McIlroy and the no.1 in the world. That’s who everyone is trying to chase.”

9. Can Phil Mickelson win another green jacket? Phil has won the green jacket three times now, but missed the cut last year. However, he is playing good, has a lot of confidence, and has lost a ton of weight. Phil will be looking slim and trim walking around Augusta National Golf Club. Phil is 44 now, so if he wants to win more major championships, now is the time. Plus, he’s comfortable here. Can Phil win another green jacket this year?

8. Rickie Fowler played better than anyone last year in major championships. He didn’t win any, but finished in the top 5 in all 4. What is holding him back? Well, he’s young, and quite frankly, he hasn’t won a lot on TOUR. But he is working with Butch Harmon, his swing looks good, and he has a lot of confidence, especially in majors. Will we see Fowler dawning his first green jacket this year?

7. Dustin Johnson is back and is playing great! Dustin hit a rough patch in life last year, was suspended from TOUR and took some time off. But he is back, is playing well, still hits the ball a mile, and is focused on his golf game. Oh, and he had a kid recently. So needless to say, time for Dustin to start taking things serious and start winning golf tournaments again.

6. Tiger Woods did it. He won the 2001 and the 2002 Masters. Nick Faldo did it back in 1989 and 1990. Oh, Jack Nicklaus did it in 1965 and 1966. Can Bubba Watson do it in 2014 and 2015? Bubba won his first Masters back in 2012, and won again last year. Is Bubba ready to go back to back and join a laundry list of legends?

5. Adam Scott is going back to the long putter. But not for long. The long putter will not be allowed next season. Why is he going back, then? “I’m coming to a major,” Scott said. “I’m not here to throw balls up in the air and see where they fall. I want to make sure and give myself the best chance to perform at the highest level I need to win.” Curious what will happen next year when guys like Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley won’t be able to switch back.

4. Only five golfers have won all four majors. Is Rory ready to join the likes of Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods? He has already won 4 major championships, having won the PGA Championship twice, but has never won The Masters. I am sure he is going to win several green jackets before he retires, but will he complete the career Grand Slam this year?

3. Arnold Palmer will not be laying in the par-3 contest this year. Ben Crenshaw will be replacing him. But Ben doesn’t like to think that way. “There’s no replacing Arnold Palmer,” Crenshaw said. Crenshaw will join Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in the par-contest on Wednesday. Oh, this will also be Ben’s final appearance in The Masters. Look for an emotional end to what will be an unforgettable week for him and his family.

2. There are 20 rookies in the field this week. Imagine what that has to feel like surrounded by so much history and so much pressure to perform well at Augusta. Oh, and imagine the trip down Magnolia Lane. Morgan Hoffman did it earlier this week, and did it in a taxi. “I took a Yellow Cab taxi and told him to drive real slow,” Hoffman said If I were Hoffman, I might hop out and walk down Magnolia Lane… If nothing more for the memories!

1. Tiger Woods is back, he seems healthy, he’s happy, and, well… He’s playing great! Last week, Tiger was at Augusta for a few hours, played 18 holes and went home. There was a lot of speculation if Tiger would play, and some even said he was going to retire. Granted, this all happened around April Fool’s Day. But still, no one really knew. But Tiger is in, and on Monday and Tuesday, seemed to be cool, calm and collected. He was signing autographs, and will play in the par-3 contest. Tiger hasn’t played in that since 2004. Let’s just say, I didn’t see that coming! Regardless, Tiger is good for the game, good for ratings, and if he is in contention come Sunday afternoon, well… That will have me glued to the TV screen.

There you have 10 things you need to know this week. I am sure more news will come out of Augusta, Georgia this week, but those are the things everyone is talking about right now. Go out there and root for Tiger, and know it will be an exciting weekend of professional golf.