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PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other

PXGWe’ve been hearing a lot about PXG… But what is it? Is it a new performance enhancing drug? Is it a new cable TV channel? Is it a hot new nightclub? Nope… PXG stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf. Continue reading “PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other”

Friday Foursome with Ted Gallina from SeeMore Putters

Ted Gallina is a PGA Professional and an SPi Certified Instructor. He has also been with the SeeMore Putter Company since 2007. During this episode of the Friday Foursome we learn more about Ted, his role at SeeMore, his thoughts on AimPoint and more.

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18 Holes with The Caddy Girls

The Caddy Girls

I’ve never played golf with a caddy… Yet. I am planning a trip to Bandon Dunes, and they require golfers to take a caddy. But I recently had the chance to meet a caddy… Not your average caddy. This caddy was a girl. She works for The Caddy Girls. The Caddy Girls offer a unique experience, and promise a fun way to spend the day on the links. The girls are experienced and professional, and for lack of a better word, cute. I think that is part of their schtick, though. I mean, you can learn more about modeling services on their website, and even order a 2015 calendar featuring some of The Caddy Girls. Like I said, I’ve never used a caddy before, but after finding this organization, I might have to change that.

I sat down with Meghan Tarmey to learn more about The Caddy Girls and what golfers can expect when looking to hire them.

What exactly are The Caddy Girls?
We are an all-female professional golf caddying company. We mostly forecaddie, but can carry clubs. We also specialize in staffing events with our girls as models, bartenders, tradeshow assistants etc.!

You are in several states including Arizona, Nevada, California and Florida. Are you looking to expand into more states in the future?
Yes, we plan to take it to as many markets as possible and have been expanding every day.

How many girls work for The Caddy Girls?
We have over 250 on our roster currently.

Do the girls have to golf, too?
Not a requirement, but a huge bonus! Some have never picked up a club when they apply. A few months in they are in love with the game and trying out golf themselves!

What about The Caddy Guys?
Same business model… Different gender! We do caddy for females too, and have in the past especially at tournaments. One day we should add some men to the team!

I want to hire a caddy. What is the process for that and how much will it cost?
The rate would be between $149 and $169 depending on the location, golf market, and how many caddies you hire. You call us, or email, or go to our site and we can book all of your tee times or golf packages for you, or you can forward them to us. From there we book your caddy and she will be at the bag drop!

Are there courses that you don’t work with The Caddy Girls?  
Some private courses or courses that have in house caddies will not allow us. Overall we can caddy at most public golf courses in all of our markets.

What is your favorite course in Arizona?
My personal favorite is Grayhawk Golf Club – friendly staff, gorgeous course and I’m EXTREMELY fond of that bar that overlooks the course and you can grab a delicious margarita and hit the driving range out front.

Tell me more about the calendar.
This year was our first year we decided to “GO ALL IN!” and we flew 13 caddies to Bimini, Bahamas for our first ever international destination calendar shoot. Our sponsors (Traditional Golf Packages out of Williamsburg, Virginia and Resorts World Bimini) came through and helped this happen. The final result is amazing and we had a blast on that island (they only drive golf carts – it was perfect!)

What can I buy in The Caddy gift shop?
We have some schwag – tees, balls, koozies, calendars and ball markers. We will be expanding our merchandise line in 2015!

You have a website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Who manages all of those social media accounts?
Mostly me! But several of our girls help out, like our marketing director Jessica Walters and Alyssa Derr (also they caddy!)

What’s next for The Caddy Girls?
We just signed the lease for our very first office! It will be the official home base, caddy headquarters and meeting place for our “champagne Wednesdays!”

GreensKeeper Announces Sponsorship of the Google+ GOLF Community Friday Foursome Weekly Hangout On Air

Scottsdale, Ariz. – With the impending release of GreensKeeper’s dynamic mobile app, the company is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the Google+ GOLF Community’s weekly Google+ Hangout On Air, the Friday Foursome. This sponsorship will contribute to the continued growth of both social media platforms aimed at today’s avid golfers.

GreensKeeper was founded by John Hakim (or “JohnnyGK” as he’s known through the social community). For more than 12 years, his mission has been to help golfers choose which courses to play based on detailed maintenance alerts, course specials, golf outings and member-submitted reviews, photos and forums. Currently, the site features more than 65,000 members from North America and 40,000-plus reviews and 20,000-plus photos, representing courses throughout the Western United States and Florida.

The GreensKeeper free mobile app is set to launch early in 2015 and Hakim plans to expand the course database nationally, GreensKeeper’s ambitious growth makes it the perfect sponsorship partner for the popular Friday Foursome program.

The Friday Foursome and Google+ GOLF Community is the brainchild of Ricky Potts, who had a vision for growing the popularity of golf with this Google+ Hangout On Air. The Friday Foursome has featured many great guests including teaching professionals, club manufacturers, golf bloggers and other influential people in the golf industry. The Friday Foursome is a weekly program that continues to grow in viewership with nearly 14,000 current members of the Google+ GOLF Community and as many as 1,000 viewers per live broadcast each Friday.

“Teaming up with Friday Foursome and the Google+ GOLF Community is going to be a fun and natural fit for the GreensKeeper social network,” Hakim says.

“I couldn’t be happier about this partnership,” Potts added. “It’s obvious John is dedicated to growing the game and we are excited to pursue it together. I have known John for years and I’m looking forward to working with him in a professional setting.”

The partnership will be a fully integrated marketing relationship. GreensKeeper will be the presenting sponsor with an opportunity for its members to interact and ask questions of guests during the Friday Foursome broadcasts. In turn, GreensKeeper will be promoting upcoming shows and guests on its website and app to help generate more viewership for the Friday Foursome.

To further the social media engagement, the two communities plan to organize one or two group golf outings in 2015. ‘Both of us are committed to a goal of bringing more golfers together in a positive setting,” Hakim says. “We love this game and the most rewarding part of what we do is sharing our passion with others through our community outlets. It only makes sense to bring them together with this partnership.”

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Ricky Potts


Ted Bishop’s Tweet and Untimely Fate

Last week The PGA of America President Ted Bishop posted this…

Ted Bishop Tweet

As you can see, he showed some animosity to Ian Poulter, one of the most outspoken PGA TOUR players. He called Ian a “Lil Girl.” Oh, no… Say it ain’t so! The tweet went out and within a few days, Ted was fired. Granted, he was done in a month or two, anyway… But come on. He was fired for that? The PGA of America did the right thing… The thing they HAD to do. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have consequences. We, as an industry, need to be figuring out how to grow the game. Ted was using Twitter, communicating with PGA TOUR players, and while he was irate, was creating conversation. Imagine all of the conversations being created, and still ongoing, that spawned from this tweet.

I actually know Ted quite well, and while I haven’t talked to him since this, I am sure I understand what he is going through. Earlier today he appeared on Morning Drive, his first public appearance since being fired. In his interview, Ted seemed remorseful.

“I really regret, like you can’t imagine, what I did, what I said, particularly the implications that came out of it,” Bishop said. “I’ve asked myself a lot, what would have been a better choice of words than the phrase ‘little girl.’ If I would have said ‘little boys’ would this have been different? I overreacted emotionally and I’m embarrassed and I apologize.”

I didn’t watch the entire interview, but I do think The PGA of America overreacted a little bit. But again, it was the right thing to do. Just an unfortunate circumstance for all those involved. But what else could they have done? I mean… He was done in a month, anyway! I just hope this doesn’t become his legacy. But it will. I thought about sending Ted an email asking him if he wanted to play golf this weekend. I mean… He doesn’t have any plans! I know, too soon.

What do you think the punishment should have been? This is the hottest topic in golf right now. I mean, it’s not Robert Streb winning The McGladrey Classic. Who in the world is Robert Streb?