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PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other

PXGWe’ve been hearing a lot about PXG… But what is it? Is it a new performance enhancing drug? Is it a new cable TV channel? Is it a hot new nightclub? Nope… PXG stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf. Continue reading “PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other”

GreensKeeper Announces Sponsorship of the Google+ GOLF Community Friday Foursome Weekly Hangout On Air

Scottsdale, Ariz. – With the impending release of GreensKeeper’s dynamic mobile app, the company is excited to announce its strategic partnership with the Google+ GOLF Community’s weekly Google+ Hangout On Air, the Friday Foursome. This sponsorship will contribute to the continued growth of both social media platforms aimed at today’s avid golfers.

GreensKeeper was founded by John Hakim (or “JohnnyGK” as he’s known through the social community). For more than 12 years, his mission has been to help golfers choose which courses to play based on detailed maintenance alerts, course specials, golf outings and member-submitted reviews, photos and forums. Currently, the site features more than 65,000 members from North America and 40,000-plus reviews and 20,000-plus photos, representing courses throughout the Western United States and Florida.

The GreensKeeper free mobile app is set to launch early in 2015 and Hakim plans to expand the course database nationally, GreensKeeper’s ambitious growth makes it the perfect sponsorship partner for the popular Friday Foursome program.

The Friday Foursome and Google+ GOLF Community is the brainchild of Ricky Potts, who had a vision for growing the popularity of golf with this Google+ Hangout On Air. The Friday Foursome has featured many great guests including teaching professionals, club manufacturers, golf bloggers and other influential people in the golf industry. The Friday Foursome is a weekly program that continues to grow in viewership with nearly 14,000 current members of the Google+ GOLF Community and as many as 1,000 viewers per live broadcast each Friday.

“Teaming up with Friday Foursome and the Google+ GOLF Community is going to be a fun and natural fit for the GreensKeeper social network,” Hakim says.

“I couldn’t be happier about this partnership,” Potts added. “It’s obvious John is dedicated to growing the game and we are excited to pursue it together. I have known John for years and I’m looking forward to working with him in a professional setting.”

The partnership will be a fully integrated marketing relationship. GreensKeeper will be the presenting sponsor with an opportunity for its members to interact and ask questions of guests during the Friday Foursome broadcasts. In turn, GreensKeeper will be promoting upcoming shows and guests on its website and app to help generate more viewership for the Friday Foursome.

To further the social media engagement, the two communities plan to organize one or two group golf outings in 2015. ‘Both of us are committed to a goal of bringing more golfers together in a positive setting,” Hakim says. “We love this game and the most rewarding part of what we do is sharing our passion with others through our community outlets. It only makes sense to bring them together with this partnership.”

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Rob West Tops Lauren Sullivan at Troon North Golf Club

A few months ago, Lauren Sullivan was playing the Monument Course at Troon North Golf Club when she attempted to hit a flop shot over the monument on hole 3. Lauren was in Scottsdale practicing and playing at Troon North and decided to have a little fun with the flop shot shooting a short video of her attempt. She made it, thanks to her practice on Big Break Florida, and the video has been going viral ever since. Do you think you could hit this shot?

The fun doesn’t stop there. Last week, while playing the same course, Rob West, from Big Break Mexico, decided to hit the same golf shot. He also recorded it, and was able to hit it with ease. Now… Here is where it gets interesting. He hit the shot, but then tried to run around the rock to catch the ball! Let’s just say his first attempt didn’t go so well. Check it out.

It looks like Rob is ready to challenge Lauren to some interesting trick shots. Not sure what is next, but it will be fun to watch. Maybe they can connect with the Bryan Bros. and record a cool trick shot video… Big Break style. Those videos are fun to watch. I am playing Troon North this weekend. Maybe I will try to hit the same shot. FORE!

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Introducing Mathew Wangrycht

The game of golf is something I’ve been incredibly passionate about since picking it back up in late 2009. Never one to turn away from a challenge, I opened myself up to the golfing world when I started my own personal blog The Breakfast Ball in December of 2009 as a way to track my progress as I attempt to become a better player.

Having a good group of friends that are much better than you are at golf can be a bit demoralizing at times. After an outing with my friends where I embarrassed myself beyond point even I was content with, I decided it was time for me to take my golf game a lot more serious and that is how The Breakfast Ball was created and why I started the journey I’m currently on.

Fast forward almost 4 years from that day out Primm Valley Resorts back in 2009 (where I hacked myself around the course to a lovely 112) and I’m now fully engulfed in the world that is the game of golf. My site has been what I consider a huge success for a one man show and has opened so many doors to me that I never knew were out there.

The best part of all of this is I’m actually getting better! I don’t get out and play as much as I like, not too many people do for that matter, but I do get out often enough where I can see the improvement heading in the direction I want it to go.

Another facet of my life that has been elevated due to my involvement with the game of golf is social media. In 2009 if you would have asked me what social media platforms I use or which I’m familiar with or prefer I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were talking about. Running a blog though has made me “social media aware” and has become a crucial part in my development as a blogger. Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and so many other tools are now a fixture in my every day activities I wonder how I ever managed to get through my daily activities without them.

Three Guys Golf Blog

Because of those interactions on my social media outlets I was given a fantastic opportunity to join Three Guys Golf as a contribution writer back in the summer of 2012. Having a mentor like Adam Staelin (editor and creator of Three Guys Golf) has taught me so many invaluable lessons when it comes to writing, reviewing products and developing a name in the golfing public.

Through the Three Guys Golf connection I was introduced to my current swing coach Wade (one of the Three Guys) and with his help we have completely deconstructed and reconstructed my swing over the last 10 months. What a painful and enlightening experience this has been. I’m still far from where I’d like to be but the progress has been amazing and I know in the not too distant future my game will be where I want it to be.

My home is the beautiful city that is Henderson, Nevada. Born and raised in the Vegas Valley I’ve spent the last 40 years of my life hacking around in the desert and I have loved every second of it. I love the heat of our desert so much in fact I decided it would be fun to expose myself (and a few of my friends) to the elements far beyond any normal person should and have put on a fundraiser that takes place at the Furnace Creek Ranch Resort in Death Valley, California. In 2013 we raised over $4,000 (in 132° heat, seriously) to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and have our goal set even higher for 2014!

I’m now honored to be a part of the growing team from Discount Tee Times. I hope you’ll find my reviews and articles useful and worthwhile but for the most part entertaining. My aspiration is to provide everyone with some content that will not only help you grow in the game of golf as much as I have over the last four years but also help bring the Las Vegas golf scene closer to you than ever before.

Promoting The Spirit International with Paige Mackenzie

Established in 2001, The Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship, played at Whispering Pines Golf Club, is a world class amateur golf event featuring 20 countries from 6 continents. Each Country is represented by their 2 best men and 2 best women players. The 2009 Spirit player field featured 76 National Champions. The Spirit truly showcases the stars of tomorrow; past Spirit champions include current professional tour stars Lorena Ochoa, Brandt Snedeker, Paula Creamer and Martin Kaymer.

I had the chance to work with The Spirit International for 4 years helping them build their website and online brand. I worked closely with The Spirit and got the chance to attend the 2011 championship. While there I met and corresponded with endless people including Peter Kessler, the voice of golf. I also got the chance to meet LPGA Tour player Lexi Thompson. Last week I got to meet another LPGA Tour player and former The Spirit International participant Paige Mackenzie. Paige will be back in Trinity, Texas this fall hoping to lead her team to victory.

To help promote The Spirit International, I asked Paige to join us for a special Google+ Hangout last week. It was a full house and we talked about The Spirit, her time on the LPGA Tour and even her time on the Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. The Hangout was fun. Enjoy!

Catch The Spirit International LIVE October 28 – November 2, 2013

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