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Golf Balls: Comparing Competing Brands

Golf Balls: Comparing Competing Brands

What golf ball do you play? I have, since high school, been playing the Titleist Pro V1. I feel it provides me with the necessary distance off the tee, the control I need with all irons in my bag, and the spin I desire around the greens. They are expensive, but for the performance that I expect on the golf course, they are worth every penny. I have tried hitting the Pro V1x, but it doesn’t spin as well around the greens for me. It is longer off the tee, but I prefer more control around the greens.

Last week I played 18 holes and decided to try a new golf ball. Someone gave me a dozen Callaway HEX Black Tour for Christmas, and they have been burning a hole in my golf bag ever since. I wanted to see how they compared to the Pro V1. Since I am playing a Callaway driver and 3 wood now, I figured it couldn’t hurt trying out a Callaway golf ball.

Off The Tee

The ball is long. I would even say this ball is longer than the Pro V1. The cover is just as soft, but doesn’t scratch like the Pro V1 does. I can’t play five holes with a Pro V1 without having to replace the ball. At $45.99 a dozen, that can be quite expensive. (I will admit I sometimes buy refurbished golf balls. Target actually has a great deal on refurbished golf balls for half the price!) I was able to play my entire round with the same ball. I played a tough course, so you can see I hit the ball well!

Maybe I am just getting used to the new driver, but this ball was deep off the tee. It just had a nice “pop” to it when I teed off.

From The Fairway

I hit 12 fairways on Sunday, or I would have titled this section something different. From the fairway, whether I was hitting a wood, hybrid, or long iron, this ball was simply perfect. The ball flight was consistent and it felt great with every swing. I did have a few shots from the bunker, one in the fairway and the other greenside, and it performed just as well out of the sand as the Pro V1.

I did hit a few in the rough, but couldn’t tell a difference in the feel or the ball flight of the golf ball. Thus far, the Callaway was stacking up nice!

Around the Greens

This is where the Pro V1 shines. Granted, the greens at Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club were hard, but still. I can still get a Pro V1 to check from around the greens. I wasn’t able to get the HEX to check as much as I wanted, but it did react with all my wedges. It spun more from the sand than I expected, too. The real difference was with my 6-8 irons. With the Pro V1, I am able to stop, sometimes spin the ball back a little. With the HEX, it would check, but it would hit, bounce, and roll out. There was a good 5-7 yard difference between the two from what I can remember.

The HEX was a good ball, and since they were free, I plan to use them again next week when I tee it up. Not sure where I am going to play, but I look to play through this dozen before I go back to the Pro V1. If nothing else, I am trying to experiment with a different ball and it will force me to think about my shots more. Rather than just tossing the ball at the pin hoping I picked the right club, I will now be able to think about where to land the ball to get the expected reaction that I want based on the shot type that I hit.

If nothing else, the HEX will make me think about my shots more. So… having said all of that, what ball do YOU play?

Author: Ricky Potts

A content specialist, freelance writer, abstract artist, wine lover, beer snob, music fanatic, avid golfer, and an all around opinionated realist. I am addicted to learning. I am also a scuba diver who loves to travel the world one country at a time.

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