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Introducing Golf Blogger Les Bailey

Introducing Golf Blogger Les Bailey

Hi! My name is Les Bailey, and I am a sports blogger with golf as my foremost subject. I write daily for Pro Golf Now, which is a subsidiary of the FanSided network. I have been an avid golfer since 1975, when, at almost 30 years old, I became a little to slow and old to play baseball any longer.

Honestly, up until I hit that first come back shot, I was under the opinion that golf was a dumb game played by rich people. You know what a come back shot is…? That’s the one perfect shot you hit all day, that provides the incentive to come back and try again. Of course, when you hit that one shot, all of a sudden you think you’re ready to qualify for the US Open. Then the Golf God carries your next shot to the trees on the right, and all of a sudden you make a snowman, and have to go to work the next day.

In the late 1990, and into the 21st century, I was a member of a regular Sunday foursome and realized how much I loved the game, and loved the camaraderie I had with my fellow golfers. We had a great time! For over ten years, we would get up at 4 AM on Sunday, someone would bring egg sandwiches, and we were off.

We didn’t take the game real serious, but played pretty close to the rules. We had a game, where we switched partners every 6 holes, and played for .50 cents a game, and of course we did greenies, birdies, sandies, and skippys.

What’s a skippy? A skippy is when you hit a shot that skips across the water, comes out on the other side, and you make par. I think on my worse day, I lost $ 4.00. Of course, the big winner had to buy the first beer, so sometimes it was advantageous to yang a putt or two.

The beautiful aspect of golf is, like Tom Watson says in his commercials for his videos. Golf is a game for a lifetime. It is the only sport that you can play everyday and choose how challenging you want your round to be. You can play the tips if you’re feeling good, or move it up to the whites if it just isn’t your day. Unfortunately, at my age, I spend a lot of time on the white tees these days, and am very thankful that some courses are starting to put yellow tees in. I have a feeling they will become a staple before long.

I am thankful everyday that the friend who took me to my first game in 1975 had the tenacity to talk me into going. I came very close to blowing him off, and doing something else. It was a match made in heaven, me…, and golf. Thanks Tom, where ever you are.

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