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PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other

PXGWe’ve been hearing a lot about PXG… But what is it? Is it a new performance enhancing drug? Is it a new cable TV channel? Is it a hot new nightclub? Nope… PXG stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf.

PXG was founded in 2014 by Bob Parsons. Parsons is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, and, well… A golf nut. He founded the Go Daddy group of companies, among other things, but has made a lot of noise with his new line of golf clubs. Just last week they announced a star-studded lineup of PGA TOUR golfers that will be using the clubs including Zach Johnson, Billy Horschel, Chris Kirk, James Hahn and Charles Howell III. Johnson commented, saying, “The transition was easy from an iron standpoint. The key for me was the driver. I still won’t change my golf ball and putter, which are crucial ingredients in the arsenal. But I just feel with the R&D and the technology they already have, and the passion of the company from a golf club standpoint, I just feel like I had to look into and then take advantage of it.”

PXG is offering the whole shebang… There is a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters to choose from. But what makes these clubs so special? PXG is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Parsons hired PING engineers Brad Schweigert and Mike Nicolette to design the clubs. The two were told to, “spare no expense.”

The clubs aren’t cheap… Horschel commented, saying, “When people understand what PXG is all about, they will find out they are building the best clubs out there. They will also find out the PXG line is expensive – roughly $300 an iron, $700 for the driver. The price tag is a lot more than other golf companies, but once people go through the fitting process and hit the clubs, they will know they won’t have to buy another set for at least five years.”

I will admit, the clubs look good. I really like the look of the milled putter. The wedges are pretty slick, too. It is only a matter of time before one of these TOUR players wins with them. Parsons wouldn’t be investing this kind of money if he didn’t think TOUR players could win with these clubs. Heck, the TOUR players wouldn’t switch to PXG if they didn’t think they could win with these clubs.

There are a bunch of certified retails selling PXG. Places like Hot Stix Golf at SunRidge Canyon Golf Club and Cool Clubs Custom Club Fitting in Scottsdale. You can also learn more about the fitting process here. I haven’t hit the clubs yet. I haven’t even seen them… But I look forward to the day I can try them. Parsons commented on PXG, saying “We wouldn’t bring the clubs to market if I didn’t believe they are the absolute best.”

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Author: Ricky Potts

A content specialist, freelance writer, abstract artist, wine lover, beer snob, music fanatic, avid golfer, and an all around opinionated realist. I am addicted to learning. I am also a scuba diver who loves to travel the world one country at a time.

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