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PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other

PXGWe’ve been hearing a lot about PXG… But what is it? Is it a new performance enhancing drug? Is it a new cable TV channel? Is it a hot new nightclub? Nope… PXG stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf. Continue reading “PXG: Golf Clubs Unlike Any Other”

Scottsdale IS The Best!

Scottsdale golfers have long known known that with more than 200 golf courses in the surrounding area, consistently perfect weather, outstanding resorts, world-class dining and nightlife, exceptional outdoor adventure opportunities, tempting shopping and an abundance of natural beauty, Scottsdale can authentically claim to be The World’s Finest Golfing Destination.  Now GOLF Magazine has made it official!

5 Scottsdale-area resorts are included in the magazine’s biennial “Premier Golf Resorts” 2014-2015 ratings published in its April edition:

Congratulations! The GOLF Magazine ratings, developed by a panel of industry experts and well-traveled golfers, are serious business and confer a well-deserved honor on these premier resorts.

Josh Doxtator: What’s in the bag?

Josh Doxtator Golf Clubs
Josh Doxtator is a New Yorker who worked his way to Arizona via St. Louis, where he played junior and then collegiate golf at Maryville University. He  wisely chose Arizona and its low humidity as the place to develop a career in golf. He’s been at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia since it opened in February 2004, and started instructing in 2006.

Josh was elected to the PGA in 2010 and has developed award winning player development programs recognized both locally and nationally. His students include juniors to seniors, the novice to experienced golfer and he’s worked with some of the best golfers in the state. Josh bases his instruction on core fundamentals and ball flight laws knowing that addressing one area will ultimately affect other weakness’ in the game.

What does Josh tell his students about the golf course? “You better have a good short game because missed greens will yield bogies or worse… I know it’s cliché, but the design of Trilogy was to reward the shot maker and cause havoc to those who press their luck. “

Let’s see what is in his golf bag?

Driver: Anser 9.5° with a Diamana ‘ahina X Flex, 45″
Woods: I20 15° with a Project X 6.0 shaft
Hybrid: I20 20° with a Project X 6.0 shaft
Irons (4-PW): 1° flat with KBS Tour 90 S shafts
Wedges: Gorge 50°, 54° and 58° that are 2° flat with KBS Tour stiff shafts
Putter: Answer 2 Scottsdale TR, 35″, Standard Lie
Ball: ProV1x, DOX in red, high numbers only

Josh knows the importance of fitting the club to the golfer. He chose the Anser driver because he needs a low spinning head and shaft combo…the PING Tour department fitted me into my current combination but there might be an i25 with my name on it in the very near future!

What about the Anser putter? He had another good reason. “I have always used the classic Anser style head and have always had great success.  The new TR line from PING is unbelievable and the income this putter has brought in has been good to me over the years!”

New Golf Clubs: Do I Want or Do I Need?

My dream driver
My dream driver

The annual PGA Merchandise Show has had its intended effect on me.  I want new: clubs, golf bag, shoes. Oddly, I’m perfectly satisfied with my balls, but probably only because I can’t find those experimental black balls Suzann Pettersen was using toward the end of last season.

Let’s talk about the clubs.  I have perfectly good golf clubs.  I play Callaway, have always played Callaway, will probably always play Callaway.

My Callaway Diablo driver hits about 80% of the fairways, probably because of the flames on the shaft.  I’ve been playing with that devil driver for maybe three years and it seems to get better with each season.  Sure, it has a few nicks, battle scars, but my pal Tony regrips it for me every spring, and I keep it clean and shiny and ready to go.  There’s nothing wrong with it, really, except that it doesn’t adjust.  Would I even know how to adjust the loft on my driver?  Probably not.  Do I need to?  Not really.  Do I want to be able to?  Absolutely.

What about my 3-wood and my 5-wood, also Diablos, also with flames on the shafts.  They’re showing a bit more wear than the driver because they work harder.  If it’s a cosmetic issue, I know Callaway would recondition them and make them look like brand new clubs, and I have a near-spiritual relationship with those two clubs.  I trust them.  I depend on them.  Why in the world would I consider replacing them?  Simple.  They’re old models.  Callaway has new models, 2014 models, that incorporate all the latest engineering and hold out a mythical promise of an improved game.

Do I actually think my game would be improved by engineering?  No.  Quite honestly, I think my game would be improved by better weight transfer and follow-through.

I know I require months of work to get in synch with a new club.  I know that I can’t buy a better golf game.  I know that my driver and fairway woods are working just fine.  But I still want those new clubs!

Take Heed When Switching Putters!

As an older hacker on the golf course I can tell you the difference between an 81-82 on your score card, and an 87-88 can usually be traced back to some putts where you either read the break wrong, hit a dying quail up there, or had a couple that just wouldn’t drop. I know, I’ve been there!

I have always been an average putter, and have putted with a PING Pal 4 for the last 15 years which was given to me by an old friend. A couple of years ago, I added one of the over-sized grips which have become popular, and was completely happy with the club.

After buying new set of Adams V3 irons to replace the set of Palmer Axioms I had since 1987, I ran across a yard sale where I bought a set of Walter Hagan clubs that came complete with a mallet putter and bag. The bag was the best part of the deal which I picked up for $75.

Hey!!!… Driver, three and five woods, four and five hybrids, with irons through the sand wedge, putter and bag for $75. Couldn’t pass it up. I took the clubs out for a spin and immediately  decided the clubs would be good for someone in the family who wanted to take up the game, and needed sticks. Then there was the putter.

The first round I played with the new putter was great. The putter felt good, I was rolling the ball well, and decided to retire the old PING. For the first two or three rounds, the putter was working well, and I started to focus more on my golf swing with the other clubs.

Then one day, after shooting an 88, where I was hitting the ball well, My playing partner, and brother-in-law said, “If you could have gotten some of those putts to fall, you would have had a pretty good round.”

I started to think about how many times through the previous couple of weeks where I was burning the cup most of the day, but nothing would drop.

I have the Foursum golf app for my iPhone, so I went back and reviewed my rounds, and was amazed at how many strokes I had spent on the greens.

That’s when I decided to put the old PING back in the bag. I located it as far from the new mallet as possible, (so they wouldn’t fight with each other). It took a couple of rounds to get re-acquainted with the old putter, but when I did, the putts started to fall again… Go figure.

I’m happy to report, the new mallet is where it belongs, in the garage,  my “old friend” is happily back in it’s proper place in my new golf bag, and my golf game is back in the low 80s where it belongs. Everything is back where it belongs! Now if I can get the driver under control, that 79 may be just around the corner. Look out Ricky Potts!