Shane Smith: What’s in the bag?

Shane Smith: What's in the bag?
The Legacy Golf Club
is the place to be. Every time I talk to Rich, the GM at The Legacy, he is telling me about a new pro that is practicing and oftentimes working at the golf course. This week he introduced me to Shane Smith. I had the chance to meet Shane and asked him to send me a picture of his golf clubs. This guy practices at The Legacy and is part of the Path to the Tour program. He actually is about to leave for Thailand to the Asian Tour qualifying school in a few weeks. Shane has won on the All-American Gateway Tour and is ranked #5 all-time on the TrackMan Combine. Think about that for a second… Remember. These guys are good.

“I recently switched from TaylorMade irons with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts to the PING S55’s with the X100 shafts. With the S55 I now have a much smaller deviation in both distance and direction. It allows me to miss-hit a shot, and still see the result of hitting the green.  This is priceless in a game of misses, and results in lower scores.” I expect big things from this kid in 2014.

Driver: PING G25 (8.5°) with an Aldila Tour Green ATX65 shaft
3 Wood: PING G25 15° with the Aldila RIP A. 80 shaft
Hybrid: PING G25 20° with an Aldila Tour Green ATX85H
Irons (3-*PW): PING S55 Green Dot with the DG X100 shafts
Wedges: PING Tour Blue Dot (52°, 56°and 59.5°) with the DG X100 shafts
Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball White Hot XG SRT

See you on TOUR!

*PW is the PING S55 Yellow Dot.

Alexander Theodore: What’s in the bag?

I like golf but I LOVE dance music. Actually, I love golf, too. But I am really big into electronic dance music. That is why, when I found out that Alexander Theodore liked dubstep, I got excited! Alexander is, according to his Twitter profile, a “Dubstepping Professional Ninja Golfer. PGA Tour Canada Member.” I know a lot of guys in Canada that play professionally, but have never had the pleasure of meeting Alexander. Of course, that didn’t stop me from finding out what golf clubs he has in the bag.

Alexander actually had this conversation with Dscount Tee Times on Twitter.

That is fun! Below is a photo of his golf bag.

Alexander Theodore: What's in the bag?

Take Heed When Switching Putters!

As an older hacker on the golf course I can tell you the difference between an 81-82 on your score card, and an 87-88 can usually be traced back to some putts where you either read the break wrong, hit a dying quail up there, or had a couple that just wouldn’t drop. I know, I’ve been there!

I have always been an average putter, and have putted with a PING Pal 4 for the last 15 years which was given to me by an old friend. A couple of years ago, I added one of the over-sized grips which have become popular, and was completely happy with the club.

After buying new set of Adams V3 irons to replace the set of Palmer Axioms I had since 1987, I ran across a yard sale where I bought a set of Walter Hagan clubs that came complete with a mallet putter and bag. The bag was the best part of the deal which I picked up for $75.

Hey!!!… Driver, three and five woods, four and five hybrids, with irons through the sand wedge, putter and bag for $75. Couldn’t pass it up. I took the clubs out for a spin and immediately  decided the clubs would be good for someone in the family who wanted to take up the game, and needed sticks. Then there was the putter.

The first round I played with the new putter was great. The putter felt good, I was rolling the ball well, and decided to retire the old PING. For the first two or three rounds, the putter was working well, and I started to focus more on my golf swing with the other clubs.

Then one day, after shooting an 88, where I was hitting the ball well, My playing partner, and brother-in-law said, “If you could have gotten some of those putts to fall, you would have had a pretty good round.”

I started to think about how many times through the previous couple of weeks where I was burning the cup most of the day, but nothing would drop.

I have the Foursum golf app for my iPhone, so I went back and reviewed my rounds, and was amazed at how many strokes I had spent on the greens.

That’s when I decided to put the old PING back in the bag. I located it as far from the new mallet as possible, (so they wouldn’t fight with each other). It took a couple of rounds to get re-acquainted with the old putter, but when I did, the putts started to fall again… Go figure.

I’m happy to report, the new mallet is where it belongs, in the garage,  my “old friend” is happily back in it’s proper place in my new golf bag, and my golf game is back in the low 80s where it belongs. Everything is back where it belongs! Now if I can get the driver under control, that 79 may be just around the corner. Look out Ricky Potts!

Ted Purdy: What’s in the bag?

Theodore Townsend Purdy (better known as Ted) is an American professional golfer. Ted was born in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Brophy College Preparatory in 1992. He went to the University of Arizona as a finance major won 1 tournament on the PGA TOUR, the EDS Byron Nelson Championship back in 2005. He has also won on the Nationwide Tour and the Asian Tour.

After his TOUR career stalled, Ted became a representative for a custom car company and played in TOUR events and on the Gateway Tour in 2012. In 2013, Purdy earned his first professional win in 8 years at the Abierto Mexicano de Golf. Purdy lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Arlene, and children, Sammy and Andie.

I got the chance to chat with Ted, and was curious what clubs were in his golf bag. Check it out!

Driver: ANSER 8.5, Diamana 70 pro X
3 Wood: G25, Matrix 7×3
Hybrid: g25 Hybrid 17°, VTS PROFORCE
Irons: 4-W, S55, ZZ65
Wedges: 52° Tour Gorge, zz65, 54° Tour Gorge, zz65, 58° Tour Gorge, zz65

All of his irons are 1 degree flat.

Ted Purdy: What's in the bag?