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Welcome to Quintero Golf Club!

Quintero Golf Club

Have you ever played Quintero Golf Club? I got the chance to play this course and was simply blown away with the experience. From the outside service to the beverage cart girl and the ranger, it was a great day of golf and I am honored that I got the chance to play there. It’s quite the drive from Scottsdale, but it was worth it.

Since this was the first time I had played the golf course, I was a little worried about how to play each hole. EVERY hole at Quintero is different, and you really need a guide on how to play each hole. You’re in luck!  Before you tee off, the starter will provide you with a few things, including tips and tricks on how to play each hole. These helpful hints really made a difference, especially on the elevated par 3s.

  1. More room left off tee than appears – Be Sure to play the 2nd shot 1/2 club short and don’t go long.
  2. Favor the right side on your tee shot as everything funnels to the long fairway bunker on the left – Aim right on the 2nd shot as well.
  3. Hit the tee shot to leave a 150 yard shot into the green and to avoid the fairway bunker on the right – Ravine runs across fairway 50 yards from the green to the left and behind the green.
  4. More room right off teh tee than appears – Play the 2nd shot 1/2 club longer into the green.
  5. Extra room right on the tee shot – Add 2 clubs on the 2nd shot.
  6. Effective yardages to the middle of green: 219 = 185 | 190 = 160 | 179 = 160 | 169 = 155 | 155 = 140 | 140 = 130
  7. Keep tee shot left and favor left on 2nd – Add 1/2 club on your 2nd into this elevated green.
  8. Hole is a dogleg right – Aim left center off the tee to set up a good angle for your 2nd shot over the ravine – Approach shots add 2 clubs into this green.
  9. Effective yardages to middle: 212 = 185 | 200 = 175 | 188 = 165 | 173 = 160 | 162 = 150 | 159 = 148 | 139 = 130 | 125 = 120
  10. Favor the left hand side of the tee – Layup on 2nd shot to 70 yards short of the green on the left side to avoid bunkers on right side.
  11. Favor the left hand side of the tee – Add 1/2 club on 2nd shot.
  12. More room on the right than appears off the tee – Add 1 club on 2nd shot.
  13. Avoid water short of the green by playing for the yardage to the center of the green.
  14. Play short of the bunkers off the tee – Stay left on your 2nd shot to avoid bunkers on the right – Add 1 club on your approach.
  15. Off the tee, aim to the right center of the fairway avoid bunkers on the left – Add 1 club on your approach.
  16. Effective yardages to middle: 201 = 180 | 202 = 185 | 189 = 175 | 174 = 162 | 160 = 148 | 151 = 142
  17. Favor the left hand side off the tee to avoid bunkers and hazard on the right hand side – Be sure to add 1 club on 2nd shot.
  18. Aim to the left of the bunker on the right side of the fairway – Add 1 club on 2nd shot.

These tips really did help. This course is NOT easy, so make sure you play the right set of tees. We played the gold/silver combo tees. Don’t beat yourself up… Tee it forward. If you get out to Quintero Golf Club, have fun. It was one of the best golf experiences I can remember. Enjoy!

Author: Ricky Potts

A content specialist, freelance writer, abstract artist, wine lover, beer snob, music fanatic, avid golfer, and an all around opinionated realist. I am addicted to learning. I am also a scuba diver who loves to travel the world one country at a time.

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